Our Most Anticipated Action Games Of 2022

Action! We all love it, and some of the best games have it, whether that takes the form of a bombastic shooter, sword-clashing melee fest, or good old-fashioned brawler. Action is one of the most universally beloved genres, so we’ve…

Best Action Game Of 2021: Returnal

In a year full of satisfying time loops, Returnal’s were often the longest and most punishing. But every time Selene’s ship would crash into the damp, misty enclave on Atropos, it was another opportunity to chase the mysterious white noise….

Four Star Wars Battlefront II Action Figures Are On The Way

Each week, Hasbro unveils new Star Wars action figures at Bring Home the Bounty. This week’s reveal focuses its sights on Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront II video game from 2017. Hasbro is bringing four new action figures from the…