Qualcomm Plans For New Gaming Handheld

It’s the last day of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021, and it saved the biggest announcement for the end. The company has developed a suite of new technologies designed specifically for the mobile gaming space, called the Snapdragon G3x Gen…

2021’s Hidden Gaming Gems – Game Informer

2021 has provided players with a deluge of incredible games, some of which will be battling it out for lofty game of the year titles and other accolades. Sometimes, games worthy of note slip under the radar. While these titles…

Photo Mode: A Snapshot Of Our Gaming Landscape

Children of the ’90s may remember the surge of enthusiasm surrounding Pokémon Snap’s N64 release. Unlike other popular Pokémon titles up to that point, it offered the chance to catch creatures not with a Poké Ball but with a camera….