The Game Awards 2021 Predictions | GI Show

The hot streak continues as we have another banger on this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show! Join the crew as they take out their crystal balls and predict not only what games will win awards at The Game Awards, but what reveals we have in store for us as well. While the News and Playlist sections will return on another day, be sure to stick around for a heartfelt and hilarious listener questions section to wrap up the show!

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Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction00:02:48 – The Game Awards 2021 Primer00:07:25 – Best Racing Game00:09:44 – Best Sim/Strategy Game00:12:55 – Best Family Game00:16:57 – Best Fighting Game00:19:39 – Most Anticipated Game00:23:30 – Best RPG00:27:12 – Best Action/Adventure Game00:31:34 – Best Action Game00:36:20 – Content Creator Of The Year00:37:55 – Best AR/VR Game00:40:11 – Best Debut Indie Game00:43:28 – Best Community Support00:47:01 – Best Mobile Game00:49:29 – Best Indie Game00:52:14 – Games For Impact Award00:55:26 – Innovation in Accessibility Award00:58:06 – Best Audio Design01:00:36 – Best Score & Music01:03:30 – Best Art Direction01:06:21 – Best Ongoing Game01:10:57 – Best Multiplayer01:15:56 – Best Performance01:20:34 – Best Narrative01:23:06 – Best Game Direction01:25:54 – Game Of The Year01:36:33 – Game Announcement Predictions01:50:54 – Housekeeping01:53:24 – Listener Questions

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